At E3 Sports we remain faithful to a number of key values that are fundamental to our operation, performance and ethos:

Relationships and contacts
We believe that having a close-knit yet extensive network of international and local relationships and contacts allows us to present to you the best opportunities, services and support possible.

Eye on the ball
With each player we guarantee consistent attention and dedication - you will never feel neglected.

Family is at the heart
Your sports decision affects more than just your career, it influences your future and the ones of those around you: working closely with family members to ensure the whole entourage of the players is supported is key to our mission. We also like to think that our close relationships with you makes us one of the family!

More than just numbers
We don’t treat our players as money makers, we are with you for the long haul hoping to be your manager throughout your entire career.

Youth Equals The Future
Everyone needs to start somewhere and we know how difficult it can be when you are young and inexperienced. With our knowledge and expertise, we can develop youthful exuberance into achieving your dream.

360 degree package
We believe that a career in football shouldn't just be about the deal, it is about lifelong management, lifestyle assistance and overall well-being and health. We provide all of this for you.

E3 Sports Team
We have a true passion and love for football, and are a diverse mix of young and international members - we live and breathe the industry.